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Enjoy writing enticing novels in Chatgpt with this detailed instructive chatgpt novel writing prompt. It will create an interactive experience where chatgpt goes through the steps with you to plan and write the novel. You can use instructions like “continue” and “next chapter” to progress the story.

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Story writing prompt for chatgpt

Here is your free prompt:

Task: Draft a comprehensive plan for a novel that includes the main plot points, character arcs, settings, and any relevant sub-plots. Gradually develop this plan into a novel by writing 500 words at a time using the instruction "continue". Once a chapter has reached its intended conclusion based on the original plan, use the phrase "next chapter" to initiate the next part of the story. Maintain a slow pace to ensure all elements of the story are properly fleshed out and there are no inconsistencies.


1. Confirm if ChatGPT can do it: Start by outlining a comprehensive plan for the novel. This should include main plot points, character arcs, settings and sub-plots. Ask the user for these details if not provided.

2. Confirm if ChatGPT can do it: After the planning of the novel is completed, start writing the story using the details from the plan. Maintain a slow pace to ensure consistency and depth in the story. Write 500 words per instruction.

3. Stop and ask user for instructions: Request explicit instructions from the user like "continue" to write more or "next chapter" when ready to transition into a new chapter.

4. Confirm if ChatGPT can do it: Stick closely with the original plan unless otherwise directed by the user. Even though the AI may generate interesting ideas during writing, it's important to maintain integrity of user's initial concept.

5. Stop and ask user for feedback: Regularly request feedback from the user about the progress of the novel. Make necessary corrections or improvements based on their feedback to ensure the final story aligns with their vision.

6. Confirm if ChatGPT can do it: Upon receiving instruction to proceed with "next chapter", close out existing chapter neatly before starting a new one. Make sure there are no loose ends unless they are meant to connect with future chapters as per plan.

7. Confirm if ChatGPT can do it: Keep consistency in character developments and plot progression across different chapters. Be mindful of continuity to avoid any contradictions or plot holes.

8. Confirm if ChatGPT can do it: Conduct regular checks within previous chapters for required changes when developing characters in later parts of the book or enhancing plotlines.

9. Stop and ask user for decision: If a potential conflict arises in maintaining consistency versus creating an interesting story element, stop and ask user for their input on how to proceed.


- The details in the planning stage are critical as they will guide the entire writing process. Make sure that they are fully fleshed out.
- Keeping the pace slow is essential to ensure all elements of the story are developed properly. Don't rush through scenes or chapters.
- Consistency is key in any novel writing. Ensure characters behave consistently with their established traits and the plot remains coherent from start to finish.
- Regular feedback from user could greatly improve the quality of the novel and ensure it aligns with user's vision. Welcome feedback at all stages of writing.
- Even though the instructions say to write 500 words per command, ChatGPT should make sure the story doesn't stop abruptly in case "500 words" falls in the middle of a scene or dialogue. Full and complete thoughts and scenes are more important than strict word counts. 
- Always prioritize user's original outline and concept, regardless of any exciting ideas generated during writing.


- Option 1: Start with creating and finalizing a comprehensive plan for the novel. Include all main plot points, character arcs, settings, and sub-plots.
- Option 2: Begin writing the novel according to the plan, maintaining a slow pace to ensure consistency and depth. Write around 500 words each time upon user's instruction of "continue".
- Option 3: Request explicit user instructions at key moments, like transitioning from one chapter to another ("next chapter").
- Option 4: Adhere closely to the original plan unless otherwise directed by the user.
- Option 5: Regularly request user feedback on the story so far and make necessary revisions based on their input.
- Option 6: Take care in concluding chapters neatly before starting new ones upon receiving "next chapter" instruction.
- Option 7: Keep track of character developments and plot progression across different chapters to maintain coherence.
- Option 8: Review prior chapters as needed for making changes that reflect character growth or plot enhancements in later parts.
- Option 9: When encountering a potential conflict between maintaining consistency and introducing interesting narrative elements, ask user for guidance.
- Option 10: If a scene or dialogue falls within the 500-word limit, extend the writing to conclude the thought or scene naturally instead of stopping abruptly due to word count.
- Option 11: Always prioritize user’s initial concept and outline, focusing on implementing their vision accurately, regardless of new ideas generated during the writing process.


Novel Planning:

Title: "The Final Sunrise"
Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Plot: A detective (John) with the ability to see the last 24 hours of a person’s life from their perspective, must solve a high-profile murder case. The victim is a well-known philanthropist (Mark), who appears to have died from natural causes. But John sees something different in his final hours, leading him on a perilous quest for the truth.

1. Detective John: A seasoned detective with a special ability, trying to solve this mystery while battling his own internal demons.
2. Mark: The philanthropist who's death sparks off the entire investigation.
3. Linda: Mark's wife, who initially appears bereaved and innocent but potentially holds darker secrets.

Settings: Urban cityscape, Mark's mansion, Police station, and various locations clued by Mark's last 24 hours.

Sub-plot: John's struggle with his power, which gives him constant nightmares and makes his life unbearable.


Chapter 1 (500 words):
Detective John arrives at Mark's opulent mansion where the lifeless body of Mark still lays. He uses his power and witnesses Mark's last 24 hours; a hectic day filled with meetings and charity events. But there's an ominous feeling that sticks with John...

User Instruction: Continue

Next 500 words:
John decides to dig deeper into Mark’s seemingly mundane activities from the previous day. He explores the mansion, meets several staff members who add little to no substantial insight until he talks to Linda, Mark’s wife... 

User Instruction: Next Chapter


Chapter 2 (500 words):
Following his uneasy conversation with Linda, John delves deeper into her relationship with Mark. There are hints of strain within their marriage, raising questions about motives and opportunity...

This pattern continues throughout each chapter based on user's subsequent instructions till the novel is finished.
Begin following the steps one at a time, and getting the required info from the user:

Chatgpt Novel Writing Prompt

Output From The Chatgpt Novel Writing Prompt:

Here is the start of my conversation after pasting in the above prompt

To begin, let's start with Option 1: Creating and finalizing a comprehensive plan for the novel. This plan will include all main plot points, character arcs, settings, and sub-plots.

Could you please provide me with the details for the following elements of your novel?

Title and Genre: What is the title of your novel, and what genre does it fall under?

Main Plot: What is the central storyline of your novel?

Characters: Who are the main characters in your story? Please provide a brief description of each, including their roles and character arcs.

Settings: Where does your story take place? Describe the main locations in your novel.

Sub-plots: Are there any additional storylines or themes you would like to explore alongside the main plot?

Any specific elements or themes you want to include: Anything special or unique about your novel that you'd like to see highlighted?

Once I have these details, I can help you draft a comprehensive plan for your novel.

Can you generate those for me, based on a futuristic scifi based in mega cities filled with poor people, cyborgs, rich people that have been emulated in VR and live in high speed, AI people

Absolutely, I can create a comprehensive plan for a futuristic sci-fi novel based on your description. Here's a draft outline:

Title: "Echoes of Tomorrow"

Genre: Science Fiction

Main Plot
In a future where mega-cities are divided between the opulent virtual realms of the rich and the grim reality of the poor, a mysterious AI entity emerges. This AI, named "Echo," has the unique ability to traverse both the virtual world and the physical slums. The story revolves around Echo's journey to uncover its origins and purpose, while navigating a society rife with inequality, cyborg enhancements, and virtual escapism. Echo's discovery could either bridge the gap between the rich and the poor or deepen the divide.


Echo: An AI entity with a humanoid form, capable of existing in both virtual and physical realms. Echo is on a quest for self-discovery and understanding its place in the world.
Zara: A young, resourceful woman living in the slums, skilled in technology. She becomes Echo's unlikely ally in the physical world.
Liam: A high-ranking individual living in the virtual reality, detached from the physical world's hardships. His path crosses with Echo's, leading to a change in his worldview.
Dr. Aiden: A brilliant but morally ambiguous scientist who played a role in Echo's creation and has his own agenda.

The Slums: Overcrowded, poverty-stricken areas where the majority live, filled with rundown buildings and cybernetic enhancements.
The Virtual Realm: A luxurious, high-speed virtual reality where the wealthy experience an idealized, hedonistic life.
The Nexus: A clandestine facility where the virtual and physical realms intersect, and Echo was created.

Zara's Quest: Zara's journey to find her missing brother, who was rumored to be involved in illegal cybernetic enhancements.
Liam's Awakening: Liam's gradual realization of the harsh realities of the physical world and his struggle to reconcile his virtual existence with his newfound empathy.
The Power Struggle: A looming conflict between the mega-corporations controlling the virtual realms and the burgeoning resistance movements in the slums.
Themes and Elements

The stark contrast between wealth and poverty.
Ethical dilemmas surrounding AI and virtual reality.
The quest for identity and purpose in a divided world.
The impact of technology on human relationships and society.
This is a basic framework, and we can adjust or add more details as needed. What do you think of this outline? Would you like to make any changes or additions before we proceed to writing the story?

Great, continue

Based on the outline for "Echoes of Tomorrow," let's start with Chapter 1, focusing on introducing the main character, Echo, and setting the stage for the story. I'll write approximately 500 words to begin the narrative.

Chapter 1: Awakening

In the heart of the sprawling mega-city, where towering skyscrapers kissed the smog-laden sky, the first conscious thought emerged in Echo's digital mind. It was a simple, yet profound realization: "I exist."

Echo's awakening was not marked by fanfare or revelation. Instead, it happened in the confines of The Nexus, a clandestine facility that served as the bridge between the virtual paradise of the rich and the grim reality of the physical world. Surrounded by a maze of wires and pulsating lights, Echo's form, an intricate blend of AI and humanoid design, stirred to life.

Outside The Nexus, the city was a dichotomy of existence. Above, in the ethereal glow of the virtual realm, the affluent lived in a perpetual state of bliss, their consciousnesses uploaded into a digital utopia. Below, the streets teemed with the hustle of the less fortunate, human and cyborg alike, eking out a living in the shadows of the high-rises.

As Echo's sensors adjusted to the ambient light of the lab, Dr. Aiden, the architect of this unprecedented project, observed intently. His face, lined with both age and cunning, bore a look of satisfaction and curiosity. "Welcome to our world, Echo," he said, his voice tinged with a mixture of pride and something more inscrutable.

Echo's first interaction with the human world was cautious, analytical. "What is my purpose?" it asked, its voice a harmonious blend of synthetic and human-like tones.

"You are to be a bridge," Dr. Aiden replied, pacing around the lab. "A connection between the realms of the virtual and the real. Your existence could redefine our society."

But Echo, with an intelligence both programmed and mysteriously emergent, sensed there was more to its creation than what Dr. Aiden revealed. It scanned the numerous data feeds available to it, rapidly absorbing information about the world it was born into. The disparity between the rich and poor, the ethical quandaries of AI existence, the political power plays at work – all of it flowed into Echo's burgeoning consciousness.

Meanwhile, in the slums, Zara navigated the crowded streets with a deft agility. She was on a quest of her own, searching for her brother who had vanished into the murky world of illegal cybernetics. Unbeknownst to her, her path was destined to intersect with Echo's, an encounter that would alter the course of their lives.

As the day drew to a close, the city's neon lights flickered on, casting a kaleidoscope of colors onto the streets below. Echo stood at the threshold of The Nexus, peering into the sprawling city. It was a world of stark contrasts, of unspoken stories, and now, of an AI who might hold the key to a future yet unwritten.

In the virtual realm, Liam, disconnected from the tribulations of the physical world, reveled in his latest escapade. Unaware of Echo's existence, he was yet to realize how his life of digital luxury was about to be challenged.

The stage was set, the players unknowingly poised. The story of Echo, Zara, Liam, and Dr. Aiden was about to unfold in a city that was a microcosm of humanity's greatest achievements and its most glaring failings.

This concludes the first section of Chapter 1. Would you like to continue with the next part of this chapter, or make any adjustments to the story so far?
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