Skillfusion – The AI Tool Marketplace

Skillfusion – The AI Tool Marketplace

Speed up Your Success, by using the skillfusion AI tool marketplace to unlock the power of AI. Or make, publish or sell your own tools with our no-code tool builder.

Write entire books with a single command, generate unlimited web content, summarise, translate, rewrite long documents…

Over 80 AI Tools already available to use now on our AI tool marketplace
& Free tool maker where you can make your own

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Advantages of Our AI Tool Marketplace – Do 10x More Than You Can With Chatgpt Alone:

✔️ Tools created and vetted by real humans
✔️ multiple prompts combined
✔️ web access
✔️ image generation
✔️ embedded knowledge
✔️ Zapier connection
✔️ Google search
✔️ Longer output

Skillfusion - AI Tool Marketplace

Over 20 AI tools for authors including fiction and non-fiction book writers, story idea generators, author marketing tools, and query letter drafter.

Almost 20 AI marketing tools to help with SEO, social media marketing, and paid ads marketing.

Many AI business tools including business idea generation, business advice, SOP generator, to-do list generator and more.

Make and Publish Your Own AI Powered Tools on the Marketplace

Our free AI tool maker is a code-free block based builder. The AI tools you make and publish can be free or you can sell them. We pay you 100% commission to you on tool sales. Payment is on the 8th of each month.

The tool maker allows users to answer questions, and then you insert those answers in to your prompts. You can choose which AI model to send your prompts to (GPT-3.5 or GPT-4).

To help you make tools we have help files and a free udemy course.


Are there any costs to the free tools? – all tools run on credits. You get 30 free credits when you sign up, this is more than half a million words worth of tokens on GPT-3.5. These credits are used whenever a tool performs an action that costs Skillfusion money like running an AI prompt or generating an AI image. The GPT-4 model is currently 20x more expensive so tokens will be used up faster on tools that use GPT-4.

How do you use the tools? – all the tools run through the website.

Got an idea for a tool? – if you want a tool but don’t want to make it yourself we have a facebook poll where you can suggest tools.

Privacy & Data – the autosave feature only saves your most recent run of a tool, and then that is overwritten next time you use a tool. We don’t permanently save your tool usage. All payments are through paypal

What Languages Are Supported? – some tool builders include a language option in their tool so you can choose a language. And some tools, because its an AI, if you just tell it to write in your chosen language it may work. But most tools are build in English.

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